Right Wing Bonus Tracks: President of the World

  • Lance Wallnau will be joining Clay Clark’s traveling cavalcade of election, COVID-19, and QAnon conspiracy theorists at the upcoming ReAwaken America Tour stop in Dallas.
  • Michael Snyder warns that vaccine mandates are a precursor to the Mark of the Beast: “All of this sounds eerily similar to what we witnessed back in the 1930s. The people who are doing this to us have taken their masks off, and they are showing us who they really are. These are such dark times, and I have a feeling they are about to get a whole lot darker.”
  • Rick Wiles has a message for those who support COVID vaccines: “You are a new Nazis. … We went to war to stop the Nazis. We have to go to war now to stop these Nazis. [Anthony] Fauci is America’s Josef Mengele.”
  • Robin Bullock is not a fan of vaccine requirements: “There’s a place where the sun don’t shine you can put that.”
  • Finally, Johnny Enlow claims that people are lost in “the fog of war” and therefore can’t see the truth that for the last year, Donald Trump has actually been president of the world: “The proof will be forthcoming.”