Right Wing Bonus Tracks: President Ivanka?

  • Mark Taylor claims once again that God told him that one of President Trump’s children will one day be elected president and he thinks it’ll probably be Ivanka.
  • Randall Terry vows to continue to follow Pete Buttigieg’s campaign around the country and disrupt his events by staging anti-gay protests: “We will continue our efforts to recruit and train men and women across America to proclaim the truth in the face of this godless campaign, and call upon true Christians to publicly oppose and renounce Pete’s campaign. ‘The boy Pete’ – and his deceived supporters – can expect this for the duration of his campaign.”
  • Eugene Delgaudio says the fact that Buttigieg’s campaign has already taken in more than $7 million in donations “proves there is a rather wealthy and financially successful group of extremists who actually do not need more federal laws giving them more powers to further enslaving America’s religious believers.”
  • Chris McDonald insists that it is no coincidence that John Podesta was in New Zealand shortly before the Christchurch massacre and that “Michael Obama” was in Paris during the Notre Dame cathedral fire.
  • Finally, Janet Porter declares that Trump’s presidency is a God-given opportunity to outlaw abortion: “That’s what it’s all about. God gave us mercy with the election of Donald Trump, and whatever it is God’s put on your heart to do, we need to do it now. We need to take advantage of this window … What I see is that God’s people are realizing that God has given us the power, the authority. He’s given us the ability to take dominion, and I’m telling you what, this chance that we’ve been given, we had better well use it, because it may not come again.”