Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Preparing America For Sharia-Lite

  • John Hagee says that every Christian “owes it to [Trump] to pray for him that God will bless him, that God will protect him, and that God will expose his enemies so that those enemies are driven out of the swamp so he can delegate and administrate the good things in this country that he truly wants to do.”
  • Alex McFarland warns that “liberals, whether they know it or not, are prepping us for Sharia-lite.”
  • Sandy Rios says Ireland’s blowout vote to legalize abortion procedures is “really just the saddest thing.”
  • CRTV host Gavin McInnes has a message for feminists who combat toxic masculinity: “You’re chopping our balls off and it’s not good for you.”
  • E.W. Jackson vows that he will be “a senator who stands with President Trump.”
  • Finally, right-wing pundits are looking for revenge after Roseanne Barr’s termination from ABC and have taken aim at figures they consider to be equivalent liberals including Jimmy Kimmel, Keith Olberman, and Bill Maher.