Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Prayer Knocked The Teeth Out Of Irma

  • Rob Pue of Wisconsin Christian News says that it is the “professed goal” of Right Wing Watch “to persecute and spread false information about … Christian, pro-family organizations.”
  • It seems as if Julio Severo does not appreciate our coverage of the things he writes.
  • Randall Terry continues to insist that “these hurricanes are not the result of global warming; they are the Judgment of God because of the innocent blood crying to Him for vengeance.”
  • Jesse Lee Peterson asserts that “President Trump is the only politician who truly loves the people, including black people.”
  • Dave Daubenmire honored the anniversary of 9/11 by declaring that everyone knows that the official story of what happened that day is “absolute bunk.”
  • Finally, Rodney Howard-Browne says that Hurricane Irma turned out to be “a nothingburger” because “basically, prayer knocked the teeth out” of the storm.