Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Pardon Steve Stockman

  • Joseph Farah is hoping that President Trump will pardon former Rep. Steve Stockman.
  • Peter LaBarbera is thrilled to be joining MassResistance because “in a world darkened by suffocating political correctness, they stand out as principled truth-tellers, supremely dedicated to fighting the lies of the powerful ‘gay’ and ‘trans’ lobbies.”
  • Gordon Klingenschmit says that Mark Zuckerberg “is bringing communism to America.”
  • Tim Gionet, a neo-Nazi troll known best by his online moniker “Baked Alaska,” had a really rough weekend.
  • If there is a crazy conspiracy theory out there, you can rest assured that Dave Daubenmire is going to be promoting it.
  • Finally, Matt Walsh doesn’t believe the Sex Ed Sit Out planned for next week goes far enough: “No age group is safe anymore. The public schools begin brainwashing children with left-wing gender theory in elementary school. The indoctrination, in some cases, starts as early as kindergarten. As the students grow older, the ‘sex ed’ gets progressively more graphic and downright disturbing, as children are not so much educated as groomed.”