Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Paramedic Angels On The White House Lawn

  • Bill Yount recently had a vision in which he saw “what appeared to be ‘paramedic angels’ dispatched, dropping from the heavens, as in parachutes, landing on the front lawn of the White House” in response to the prayers of Christians.
  • On Infowars, far-right activist and Rebel Media personality Tommy Robinson warns that although far-right activists dominated social media during the 2016 elections, “the globalists” are “taking it back” and will probably remove him from social media completely in “the next 12 months.”
  • Donald Whitney of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary says that the prayers of non-Christians are an “abomination” to God.
  • A column at The Daily Wire laments that a grocery store chain in the United Kingdom is offering the option to purchase Mother’s Day greeting cards that are gender neutral to accommodate non-binary people: “In the US, there is a similar push for more inclusive Mother’s Day cards, however, that’s been driven largely by the breakdown of the nuclear family, rather than the emergence of transgenderism as a cultural phenomenon.”
  • Liz Crokin insists that “John Podesta WILLL be arrested very soon no matter what! That I can guarantee.”
  • Finally, Matt Barber says the late Billy Graham was not honored during the recent Academy Awards ceremony “because they hate him because they first hated Christ.”