Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Our Dear President

  • Dave Daubenmire has a question: “Everywhere you look the Left is provoking God fearing Americans to action. If that action turns violent, will it be fair to point the finger at the Left for being provocateurs?”
  • David Barton was very quick to repeatedly defend President Trump when his son, Tim, dared to note that “this guy’s moral background has not been great”: “We’ve got to state that there’s no indication of that while he’s been in the White House. There’s been no indication of private moral failings of any kind in the White House.”
  • Perry Stone declares that those who are “leading the impeachment charge have corruption in their own lives and they want everyone connected with Trump out of office, BEFORE this secretive information can be released to the public. Once they remove these people, they believe it will forever put in the ‘vault’ their own corruption to never be exposed.”
  • Pat Robertson hopes that “our dear president” will take Ecclesiastes 10:1 to heart and change his Syria policy.
  • Ginni Thomas, a right-wing activist and wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, will be honored at an upcoming anniversary gala for E.W. Jackson’s STAND organization.