Right Wing Bonus Tracks: On Behalf of Humanity

  • Ali Alexander volunteers “on behalf of all of humanity to go supervise elections in the independent regions that have broken from Ukraine if they want a redo. As the world’s foremost leader in election integrity, I will stop any steals and certify lawfully conducted elections.”
  • Mark Taylor declares that “Hurricane Ian was a targeted hit on Florida by the Deep State. … God warned that there will be one coming this year before the midterms, they’re going to throw everything they can at us. I believe this will be another 9/11 style hit using weather, on the American people when all is said and done.”
  • Right-wing pastor Kent Christmas proclaims himself to be a prophet.
  • Andrew Torba insists that “Christian Nationalists don’t want a theocracy, but when it comes to defending life, marriage, the family, and children we will wield the full force and power of the state with a rod of iron.”
  • Leah Svensson, one half of the “Resistance Chicks” podcast, asserts that “the most essential part” of public education is teaching kids about Jesus. It’s also worth noting that standing on stage with Svensson as she said this was Ohio state Rep. Jennifer Gross.
  • Finally, Laura Loomer believes it’s “obvious” that “the FBI works with the Democrat Party to carry out mass shooting false flags so that they can actually push for gun control.”