Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Off The Trump Train

  • David Barton warns that the Equality Act is “the greatest threat we’ve had to religious liberty and free exercise of religion ever in American history.”
  • Rick Wiles is now officially off “the Trump train” because President Trump said that he is “absolutely fine” with Pete Buttigieg’s marriage.
  • The Presidential Prayer Team is launching “a nationwide campaign to gather and send prayers and encouragement to President Donald Trump on June 14th, the date of his 73rd birthday.”
  • Florida state Rep. Mike Hill appeared on Ann Vandersteel’s “Steel Truth” show today to apologize for laughing off a constituent’s recommendation that he introduce legislation to make homosexuality punishable by death.
  • Arthur Schaper rallies conservatives to “stand up to the LGBT monolith and call out its lies. Whatever is holding back the conservative and pro-family media – fear of being labeled a bigot, fear of being blacklisted on social media, fear of losing corporate sponsors – this cowardice is hastening the demise of our country. The LGBT juggernaut is not stopping, because it’s a key weapon in the Left’s totalitarian assault.”
  • Finally, Dave Daubenmire declares that “every homosexual is capable of child molestation.”