Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Obama’s Third Term

  • Michele Bachmann warns that if Joe Biden is elected president, “this will become Barack Obama’s third term.”
  • Kurt Schlichter writes that the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is “making already stupid liberals even dumber, especially when they sound off about economics.”
  • MyPillow’s Mike Lindell appeared on Brenden Dilley’s program today, and Dilley reported that the two hit it off so well that Lindell is planning to travel to Dilley’s home next week, so they can do a program together in person.
  • Jeremiah Johnson reports that President Donald Trump “felt it necessary to partner with the medical community and their false [COVID-19] projections knowing and believing that he would come out of this pandemic looking like a war hero.”
  • David Barton claims that the Middle East peace plan favored by former President Barack Obama would have reduced Israel’s width to a mere nine miles.
  • The White House Correspondents Association booted pro-Trump media outlet One America News Network out of the rotation of outlets granted press briefing seats because one of the network’s reporters defied social-distancing policies twice. OANN is now accusing the WHCA of “launching an all-out assault on the freedom of the press.”
  • Finally, Scott Lively does not think that Bill Gates is the Antichrist, “but he could be.”