Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Nothing To Get Morally Indignant About

  • Rick Wiles declares that “there is a dark, sinister, demonic revolutionary force in America that is plotting the mass murder of white Christians and it is the synagogue of Satan.”
  • Larry Nevenhoven warns that “if nations rebel against God’s ways, terrible consequences will fall upon these nations …If ever a sword has been turned loose against America, these mass shootings are exactly that.”
  • Exciting news from Randall Terry: “Teen rock band, The Terry Train, to make six Kentucky stops in support of the re-election of Mitch McConnell and President Trump.”
  • Liz Crokin is confident that whatever happened to Jeffrey Epstein happened because it was exactly what Q wanted.
  • Finally, Jerry Falwell Jr. says that evangelicals are not going to abandon President Trump over his blasphemy and use of profanity: “We all wish he would be a little more careful with his language, but it’s not anything that’s a dealbreaker and it’s not something we’re going to get morally indignant about.”