Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Not Very Hitleresque At All

  • Rabid conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck actually had the gall to mock Rachel Maddow for supposedly spreading conspiracy theories.
  • Chris Mills apologizes for having once been a Never Trumper: “Trump is really not very Hitleresque at all. Nor is he Musolini-like and to say that he is is spiritually myopic, emotionally shallow and intellectually lazy.”
  • Rick Green of WallBuilders is laying the groundwork for seeking a seat on the Texas Supreme Court (for the third time.)
  • Jonah Goldberg blasts the GOP for embracing Roy Moore.
  • The Oath Keepers are calling on “conservatives in Hollywood (actors, actresses, directors, producers and screenwriters) [to] join together and start a new studio that promotes American values, honesty and freedom.”
  • Finally, Jeff White of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust rejoices that anti-choice activists “have access to the President like never before.