Right Wing Bonus Tracks: No Plans to Get Tested

  • Bill Mitchell insists that he was trending on Twitter yesterday not because he can’t do basic math, but because Democrats were trying to “shoot the messenger” who exposed corruption at ActBlue.
  • Jeff Sessions says that China’s alleged dishonesty about the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic can be attributed to the fact it is run by an “atheistic communistic regime”: “If you don’t believe in God, why do you believe in truth?”
  • Right-wing pastor Andrew Wommack declares that the response to the coronavirus outbreak has been an overreaction because the flu as already killed 20 million people in America. No it hasn’t.
  • DeAnna Lorraine is confident that she would have defeated Nancy Pelosi in California’s recent primary election “if there was a national popular vote.” Sadly for her, there wasn’t and so she finished second to last with 1.8 percent of the vote.
  • Finally, Candace Owens says that efforts to expand coronavirus testing are pointless because she has “no plans to get tested for #coronavirus, and in a nation of 330 million people, it’s safe to assume I’m not the only one.”