Right Wing Bonus Tracks: No Daylight Between Trump And Pence

  • Erik Rush explains “why leftists are deviants and most of #MeToo is a sham.”
  • Marc Lotter, former special assistant to the president and press secretary to the vice president, insists that there is “no daylight between” President Trump and Vice President Pence. He means that as a compliment.
  • The Family Research Council heaps praise on Senate Republicans for confirming Trump’s judicial nominees at a record pace: “The Republicans’ methodical approach to nominees is paying off. And someday, very soon, Americans will find out for themselves just how significant the GOP’s investment in the courts has been.”
  • Breitbart’s John Nolte compares CNN’s critical coverage of President Trump to the tediousness of Wile E. Coyote attempting to pursue the Road Runner in Looney Toons cartoons.
  • Finally, Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter claims that some liberal policy proposals “require that you die.”