Right Wing Bonus Tracks: National Drop the Masks Day

  • Glenn Beck warns that left-wing activists have put all the pieces in place to start a civil war in November.
  • Erik Rush calls for the creation of citizens militias because “civil war—and all the unpleasantness this conjures—would be a far superior outcome to radical leftists gaining ascendancy,” adding that “it is time for those perpetuating violence in our cities to be neutralized with extreme prejudice.”
  • Dave Daubenmire demands to know “how can anyone ever have any confidence in our Federal institutions if no one heads to the gallows? Literally…to the gallows. Some Deep State officials should forfeit their lives for the crap they have pulled over the past several years.”
  • Scott Lively declares that Oct 19 is national “Drop the Masks” Day: “A statement of patriotic defiance of tyrannical government overreach and am calling upon every freedom-loving American to simply refuse to wear a facemask on that day.”
  • Finally, DeAnna Lorraine insists that if anyone tests positive for COVID-19 after attending one of President Donald Trump’s rally “it’s probably a paid leftist, or it’s a hoax.”