Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Narcissism As a Job Qualification

  • Lance Wallnau understands President Donald Trump and thinks that he should have a job working in his administration because he is also something of a narcissistic.
  • Even if he is forced to wear a mask, Josh Bernstein will find a badass way to rebel.
  • Rick Wiles declares that former President Barack Obama is “an evil, wicked man” and “the Vladimir Lenin of this revolution.”
  • “Prophetess” Amanda Grace claims that her “Ark of Grace” ministry has been “named to the official White House faith leaders list.”
  • Andrew Wommack wishes that we could deal with today’s racial problems like they did in “Driving Miss Daisy.”
  • Finally, despite finishing in second to last place with less than 2 percent of the vote, DeAnna Lorraine has written a book about what she “learned battling Nancy Pelosi and the swamp.”