Right Wing Bonus Tracks: More Babies, Less Lucifer

  • Pete Santilli, who recently interviewed Kari Lake on his program, asserts that “Big Data” is behind a “massive swarms of drones [that] are being used by AI … [and] dropping Zyklon B canisters.”
  • A deep insight from Steven Franssen: “The more babies a woman has, the less Luciferian she is.”
  • Lauren Witzke claims to have fallen deathly ill after being around someone who had received the COVID-19 vaccine, asserting that they had “shed” the “bioweapon” onto her: “I’m not crazy.”
  • Jesse Kelly, who once boasted that he’d eagerly support an authoritarian “monster” who would terrify and round-up Democrats, now complains that “people call me a fascist” because they’re “trying to turn me into an enemy of the state so they can legally send the FBI to my door.”
  • Finally, Isabella Riley Moody declares that “if you’re gay and flaunting it proudly, you’re recruiting.” Maybe it’s comments like this that convinced the Log Cabin Republicans to finally cut ties with her?