Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Moral Insanity

  • Michele Bachmann says that Alex Jones being banned from various social media platforms is a sign that “Bible prophecy” is coming true.
  • The Daily Wire’s Josh Hammer is upset that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco products instead of addressing what Hammer calls the “havoc all across our beleaguered southern border.”
  • Brigitte Gabriel declares that Democrats “are basically working for the interests of human traffickers, of MS-13 gang members, of terrorist organizations that are working with the drug cartel.”
  • Ann Vandersteel is convinced that nefarious forces are causing technical glitches to occur during her livestream broadcasts in order to stop her from talking about QAnon.
  • The Federalist’s Ilya Shapiro showers praise on former White House counsel Don McGahn for stopping President Trump from firing Robert Mueller: “Indeed, by preventing Trump from firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, McGahn prevented a political crisis—not to be confused with a constitutional one—that would’ve made the Russia-collusion narrative seem like a jaywalking allegation.”
  • The Family Research Council prays that God will “forgive us for allowing bathroom confusion, which is in reality moral insanity.”
  • Finally, Neo-Nazi blogger Andrew Anglin is a big fan of Tucker Carlson’s Fox News prime time show: “Once again, I feel like I’m watching a person on TV read my own thoughts back to me.”