Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Mind Control Mosquitos

  • The Family Research Council claims that “the Equality Act is a grave and treasonous threat to our nation’s core values contained in our First Amendment.”
  • Kat Kerr says that she was “taken forward in time” and shown the media being forced to announce that “Trump has legally won the election and he is the President of the United States for four more years.” She says this will happen within a couple of weeks… or maybe months.
  • Larry Tomczak has two questions for President Joe Biden: “Are you truly a Christian? Will you lead us by your example in desperately needed national repentance?”
  • Linda Harvey thinks that Ohio State University’s “sex week” is “clearly a profit-making venture. … I believe that’s what’s driving this mostly. It’s a customer-searching venture by Planned Parenthood, by the condom manufacturers, and Big Pharma.”
  • Finally, Mark Taylor warns that the COVID-19 vaccine is being injected into mosquitos as a way to forcibly vaccinate everyone and that the vaccine contains nanotechnology that allows the government to control people’s thoughts through frequencies emitted by the cell phones so they can “turn people into a dang robot.”