Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Meghan Markle Is An ‘Angry, Feminist, Godless Woman’

  • Sam Rohrer of the American Pastors Network, who has been a strong supporter of President Trump, released a “Voting Integrity Checklist” to help conservative Christians decide which candidates to support. The very first question is, “Does this candidate live by a set of biblical morals?”
  • Which colleges are the worst for “white, conservative (especially race realist) students?” White nationalist group VDARE has the answer: “All of Them!”
  • Gordon Klingenschmitt is very concerned that Iran is building an “Islamic bomb.”
  • Lifezette writer Steve Pomper casts doubt on a Patriot Front white supremacist banner flown at University of Texas San Antonio last year: “I can’t say I know for sure these UTSA incidents were false reports. However, I can say my b.s. detectors triggered ‘high alert.’”
  • Remember the comic book that alt-right activist Vox Day was working on? It’s finally been released.
  • Finally, Jesse Lee Peterson says that Prince Harry made a huge mistake by marrying Meghan Markle because she is an “angry, feminist, godless woman.”