Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Make Them Laugh

Far-right YouTuber Stefan Molyneux advances propaganda about South Africa’s land reform proposals, echoing a segment done by Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson that inspired President Trump’s latest foreign policy initiative.

In case you were wondering, Fox News host Tucker Carlson stands by that commentary.

One America News contributor Jack Posobiec is buying the “white genocide” South Africa line full-hog, writing: “They are turning South Africa into the next Rwanda.”

Far-right YouTuber Lauren Southern pitches a new documentary promising “the world’s first comprehensive documentary on the European border crisis.”

Anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer says that she tries “to stay positive by laughing” but that “we are not even allowed to tell jokes anymore” because it is “hate speech.”

Another longtime Fox News reporter quits over the network’s overtly pro-Trump tone.