Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Madness

  • While many in the conservative movement are working diligently to blame Wednesday’s insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on anti-fascist activists, DeAnna Lorraine is unintentionally doing a great job of undermining that effort: “Do not listen to anything the MSM says. We stormed the Capitol, we fought through dozens of rounds of tear gas and bullets and SWAT police all day. We climbed the rafters and yes, some angry patriots broke through the building and ran through the House, that WE pay for, that is OUR house.”
  • Rick Wiles praised the insurrectionists, declaring that just “the beginning of the counter-revolution to the communist revolution, the globalist takeover of the United States of America.”
  • Pat Robertson says that “there was a madness yesterday and it came on Donald Trump,” lamenting that Republicans were ready to fight for the election in Congress until Trump went “crazy” and urged his supporters to march on the Capitol.
  • Eric Metaxas is struggling to square his conviction that the election was fraudulent and that Joe Biden couldn’t possibly have won with the fact that nobody has been able to “uncover the malfeasance” to prove it.
  • Robertson Henderson argues that even though countless “prophets” guaranteed that President Donald Trump would be reelected, that didn’t mean it was bound to happen: “Just because somebody prophesies something doesn’t mean it’s going to come to pass.”
  • Finally, Mark Taylor warns that anyone who begins to doubt his repeated prophecies that Trump would be reelected does not have “the fear of God” and “at some point, God is going to issue a rebuke to these people.”