Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Look What the Devil Did

  • Rev. Steven Andrew’s American Christian Voting Guide is out, and President Donald Trump received an “A-” while Joe Biden received an “F.”
  • Rick Joyner says that the Biden campaign’s refusal to deny the legitimacy of the extremely suspect claims about Hunter Biden’s laptop are essentially a confirmation: “There is a point at which if you don’t refute something, it is an admission.”
  • Josh Bernstein declares that “Joe Biden is a pedophile” and “a sick, demented, twisted old fuck.”
  • Monica Cole of One Million Moms is upset about a new pro-LGBTQ ad from Oreo: “One Million Moms is concerned about how this would desensitize audiences, children, and adults by brainwashing them and glamorizing and normalizing this lifestyle choice.”
  • Finally, Kenneth Copeland notes that just as God put Trump in the White House, the devil has put Muslims in Congress.