Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Logically, Trump Cannot Possibly Be A White Supremacist

  • Samuel Rodriguez explains why President Trump cannot possibly be a white supremacist: “He’s married to an immigrant. Intellectually speaking, from a logical continuum, you can’t have a child who is from an immigrant mother and be anti-immigrant. So it’s just intellectually naive. Right?”
  • Todd Starnes celebrates Trump’s transgender military ban: “I am glad, as an American citizen, that President Trump is directing the military to stop fighting culture wars and start fighting the bad guys.”
  • Richard Land explains why he will continue to serve as a faith adviser to Trump: “Jesus did not turn away from those who may have seemed brash with their words or behavior. A leader presented with the challenges that President Trump is facing needs counsel and prayer from Bible-believing servants now more than ever, now is not the time to quit or retreat, but just the opposite – to lean in closer.”
  • BarbWire’s Chris Mills is ready for war: “I have figuratively enlisted in an Army of American Patriots and have spent my days on the front lines of this Cultural Cold War, which is now heating up. While it hurts me to leave those behind that seek only to strike an ostrich-like pose and hope that things will be better in the morning, I am not wired that way.I will stand and fight; I will rise in the morning and do my best to put off childish things; I will read, pray and continue studying to show myself approved; a workman able to rightly divide the word of Truth. I will take that Truth to battle, and cease wielding it only when it is pried from my cold dead hands.”
  • Finally, disgraced former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci says that he will be speaking at Liberty University in November.