Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Liz Crokin’s Unfortunate Personal Experience

  • Liz Crokin can “confirm through unfortunate personal experience that Hillary Clinton does indeed smell like sulfur and rotten eggs.”
  • Jesse Lee Peterson says that “unjust and un-American public lynching of Roseanne Barr [was] meant to shut white people up and put fear in them.”
  • David Barton says that “when it gets into things like abortion, and things like homosexuality, that’s a lot tougher line to say, ‘Well you can support that, and promote that, and still go to heaven.'”
  • Alex Jones declares that his biggest news source is his own brain.
  • Neo-Nazi Patrick Little and “New Right” candidate Omar Navarro will be tested in California primary elections tomorrow. Little and Navarro are among the far-right candidates we’re watching in 2018.
  • Lance Wallnau continues to insist that there will be a “major breakthrough” exposing the “deep state” by June 6.
  • Finally, Sheila Zilinsky is not a fan of Hillary Clinton or her “pervert, deviant husband and [their] Donkey from Shrek-lookalike daughter.”