Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Likely a Democrat

  • Josh Bernstein says that the man who carried out a mass shooting in Texas over the weekend has “kind of a Jewish name,” which means that “if he was Jewish, he’s likely a Democrat.”
  • Janet Mefferd announced that she is ending her daily American Family Radio program.
  • Scott Lively marvels: “Isn’t it amazing how closely the entertaining fantasies of the Sci-Fi genre so perfectly track the disturbing reality of Cultural Marxism?”
  • Prophetess and “weather warrior” Kat Kerr has commanded Hurricane Dorian not to come ashore in America or cause any destruction.
  • Finally, David Lane warns that “public education has become a breeding ground to ‘groom’ prepubescent and adolescent boys and girls, who are being primed by contemporary school programs for sexual exploitation. Pro-homosexual intercourse and marriage devotees and education’s foot soldiers have campaigned for legislating, now codified into law, the acclaim and standardization of godless depravity as part of K-12 mandatory learning.”