Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Like the Wild West

  • Scott Lively declares that “aside from the Bible itself, there is no greater purveyor of ‘heterosexism’ in all its refreshingly regenerative forms than the canon of American classic movies, thanks be to God and to the Jews and Catholics who dominated Hollywood during the golden age of film-making.”
  • Andrew Torba has become obsessed with creating a right-wing Christian artificial intelligence, and he has high hopes for it: “AI is going to free our women from the bondage of OnlyFans because they won’t be able to compete with AI women. AI is going to free our men from the bondage of p*rn because we can use it to automatically detect and censor it on all of their devices so they are not tempted.”
  • Jarrin Jackson offers some advice to fathers of daughters: “Give them the affection they need so they don’t do OnlyFans. Love them now so they don’t become internet whores.”
  • Kandiss Taylor wants to “buy CNN and turn it into Christian News Network.”
  • David Lane fumes that “due to the removal of Scripture and the biblically based culture established by the American Founders, homosexuality is extolled and glorified in today’s America and on social media platforms instead of being depicted as a transgression.”
  • Jon Miller is a virulent misogynist: “I don’t really subscribe to the notion that rape is always indefensible. … The idea of rape in a marriage is just asinine to me because she consented when she married you.”
  • Finally, Nick Fuentes lays out his vision for saving the United States by turning the nation into a literal police state where citizens are summarily executed in the streets by security forces: “It’s gotta just be like the Wild West.”