Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Liberalism Is Worse Than Segregation

  • MassResistance has launched another international chapter, this time in Hong Kong.
  • Monica Cole of One Million Moms warns that Nickelodeon is “attempting to desensitize young viewers by normalizing same-gender marriage.
  • Idaho state Rep. Bryan Zollinger thinks it is “completely plausible” that Barack Obama was behind the violence in Charlottesville in order to undermine President Trump.
  • BarbWire’s Tami Jackson apparently thinks that the legalization of marijuana in Colorado is responsible for the state’s opioid problems.
  • Finally, Arthur Herman says that “what American blacks suffered under segregation was nothing compared to what liberalism has inflicted on them since the 1950s, as it destroyed their families, their schools, and their young men and women’s lives through drugs and guns and the gangster-rap culture ‘lifestyle,’ which is really a death style.”