Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Let’s Hope Trump Is No Samson

  • Anthony Scaramucci was fired today, just 10 days after being named White House communications director.
  • Gary Bauer praises President Trump for banning transgender people from serving in the military: “He did the right thing. Values voters should be happy, and hopefully this will hold up under the inevitable counter-attack that we’re seeing right now.”
  • LifeSite’s Doug Mainwaring declares that “groups like The Southern Poverty Law Center, Planned Parenthood, and the Gill Foundation are the machine and their devotees are the physical manifestation of the monstrous, collective id of this nation’s liberal elites. Their aim is the violent destruction of biological families and faith; of sexual innocence, chaste lives and complementarity.”
  • Sen. James Lankford sent a letter to ABC News, attacking the network for identifying the Alliance Defending Freedom as an anti-LGBTQ hate group.
  • Finally, Ralph Drollinger, who is leading weekly Bible studies for members of the Trump administration, likens President Trump to Samson, which is a rather terrifying comparison given that Samson killed himself and everyone around him.