Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Legislation From the Pit of Hell

  • Mario Murillo declares that the Equality Act is “legislation from the pit of hell, there is no compromise and there must be no delaying of our response. … Any preacher who will not rise to fight against something that is this evil for you and your children, is a traitor.”
  • On a related note, the Family Research Council is asking God to stop it from passing: “Father, we know that we are a nation on the ‘precipice of judgment.’ The very discussion of these things, and efforts to force men to deny their conscience, shows how very far we have come. Is this not what the communists are doing? Lord, please stand up for your people. Despite the split within the Senate, Lord, intervene! Prevent this bill from passage and turn the tide.”
  • Scott Lively warns that “secular humanism” is “the Satanic religion of Marxism whose goal has always been to replace Judeo-Christian civilization by any means necessary. By the LGBT strategists’ own admission, this is SPIRITUAL warfare in the cultural realm!”
  • Dave Daubenmire proclaims that he is “a proud Evangelical Redneck” and wants it known that people like him do not hate gay people, they simply “do not want our schools promoting homosexuality, our government creating special rights instead of equal rights for them, and we sure as hell do not want drag-queen story hour used to indoctrinate our innocent children into perversion.”
  • Finally, Wayne Allyn Root has launched a $250,000 fundraising effort for himself and doing so by complaining that “liberal, America-hating groups like Media Matters and Right Wing Watch have published ‘hit pieces’ to destroy my career.”