Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Killing in the Name

  • Josh Bernstein says that Joe Biden has a “sick, demented character” and “is likely a pedophile.”
  • Daniel Gallington declares that Biden’s “lying, bullying and cognitive deficits make him a poor choice for president.”
  • Cliff Kincaid complains that the effort to change the name of the Washington, D.C.’s NFL team—currently a racist slur against Indigenous people—”is designed to make us forget about the fact that the Indians lost – to white people. And then to make white people pay for their own victory. That’s called reparations.”
  • David Barton blames Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch’s decision upholding LGBTQ rights in the Bostock case on the fact that he attends a church that is “pastored by a lady who is very strongly [a] pro-LGBTQ activist.”
  • Finally, Dave Daubenmire defends Daniel Boone for killing “savages in the name of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.”