Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Kill Shot

  • Mark Taylor has released an updated version of his “The Trump Prophecies” book, featuring “3 new chapters on things that have already come to pass.”
  • Rick Wiles offers a simple solution to the situation in the Middle East: Everyone just needs to worship Jesus.
  • BarbWire declares that Attorney General Barr “needs to start indicting members of the DOJ and FBI that were involved in the coup attempt against Trump. Democrats are dead set on sending as many Republicans to prison, so let’s turn the tide on them and start sending them to prison for their crimes.”
  • MAGA broadcaster Matt Couch is eternally grateful for President Trump because now people say “Merry Christmas” when he is at the Arby’s drive-thru.
  • Finally, right-wing pastor Stephen Broden warns that “Mayor Pete [Buttigieg] represents the ‘kill shot’ launch by the gay community to now re-define Christianity.”