Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Kids Love Hitler

  • It is easy to see how Nick Fuentes is influencing Kanye West, now known as Ye, with Ye repeating Fuentes’ position that non-Christians “should not be in control or [have] any influence to anything that America produces.”
  • Ye also floated the possibility of naming Candace Owens as his running mate in 2024.
  • Speaking of Fuentes, it’s hard to imagine him making a more telling statement than “when I was a kid, kids loved Hitler.”
  • Alex Jones reacted to Ye’s recent antisemitic meltdown on “The Alex Jones Show” by essentially blaming Fuentes: “I didn’t know that Nick Fuentes was really a Nazi lover. … There’s a real creepy factor with this Hitler stuff.”
  • Finally, Laura Loomer declares that she “will be filing an official complaint with ICE and will be leading the charge to get the foreign British national, and homosexual sociopath Milo Yiannopoulos deported from the United States.”