Right Wing Bonus Tracks: June Is Sodomy Month

  • E.W. Jackson will be holding a “Political & Spiritual Fire Rally” with Jerry Boykin on Saturday.
  • Last night’s primary elections did not go well for those candidates associated with Roy Moore.
  • John Burton has some advice for those complaining that Prosperity Gospel preacher Jesse Duplantis is asking his followers to provide him with a $54 million private jet: “The truth is that this is none of your business. Stay silent. Nothing immoral has occurred. No crimes have been committed.”
  • Intercessors for America is not happy that the Trump White House is planning to hold an Iftar dinner this year.
  • Finally, Doug Mainwaring does not support Pride Month: “The term ‘Pride Month’ as used by gays is a euphemism, a ruse. June is more appropriately called ‘Sodomy Month,’ because sodomy is the glue that holds the entire movement together and drives it forward … One reasonably concludes that the prince of this world – the field marshall who has been masterminding the sexual revolution since its beginning – is behind this ‘celebration’ named ‘Pride.'”