Right Wing Bonus Tracks: John McCain’s Fake Funeral

  • Jim Garlow says that “some wimpy Dem Senators” are opposing Gina Haspel’s nomination to be CIA director because they “think she’s too tough … Praise God for strong godly women in leadership with right principles! Let’s get Haspel confirmed.”
  • Linda Harvey says that the annual Day of Silence is nothing but “an occasion for unconstitutional discrimination against Christians and others who object to the normalization of deviant conduct.”
  • Liz Crokin asserts that “John McCain is planning his fake funeral because he is a ring leader in the global Pizzagate child trafficking network” and that he “doesn’t deserve the honor of [President Trump] going to his fake funeral!”
  • Theodore Shoebat continues his crusade against Judaism.
  • John Guandolo declares that Rep. Keith Ellison “is a jihadi.”
  • Jesse Lee Peterson says that any parent who allows their son to join the Boy Scouts now that the organization is allowing girls to join hates their own child: “You don’t love your children.”