Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Jim Bakker’s Venereal Disease Miracle Cure

  • Wayne Allyn Root really wants to fight Donny Deutsch: “Lets get in boxing ring in Vegas & fight 3 rounds for charity. Fair fight. Sick of your nasty liberal threats. I’m going to kick your smug ass all over Vegas.”
  • Jack Posobiec claims that “Superman is a role model for an immigrant who assimilated into American culture.”
  • Rep. Steve King reveals that he was behind the recent passage of Iowa’s “Heartbeat Bill.”
  • Alex Jones has his own take on First Lady Melania Trump’s jacket controversy.
  • Florida state representative and “apostle” Kimberly Daniels rapped away the demons at the recent Charisma Conference.
  • Finally, Jim Bakker is now selling a “silver gel” that he claims “gets rid of all venereal diseases.”