Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Jesus And Moses Are Patting Trump On The Head

  • In news that should surprise nobody, Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell Jr. is not a believer in freedom of the press when it comes to his own school’s newspaper.
  • The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer doubles down on his call to ban Muslims from working on airport ground crews in response to being suspended from Facebook for stating that position.
  • Religious Right activist Scott Lively vows that he is “not going to be bipartisan” if he is elected governor of Massachusetts because “there is no working with people that are progressive.”
  • One could easily replace the name “Pearl Jam” with “Glenn Beck” in this headline from Beck’s website and have a perfectly accurate title: “Pearl Jam wants you to know, even though they are no longer relevant, they do have opinions.”
  • Finally, right-wing radio host Bill Deagle actually said this sentence on his radio program yesterday: “I’m sure in the spirit realm, Jesus Christ is patting [Trump] on the head and so is Moses.”