Right Wing Bonus Tracks: It’s Time for Trump to ‘Crap or Get Off the Pot’

  • Jerome Corsi has “retained attorney Larry Klayman” for his defense in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Klayman said that Mueller is a “legal terrorist” and “disciple of the devil,” so this should be interesting.
  • Jack Posobiec claims that Mueller’s team forced Corsi to “undergo regressive memory therapy” in an effort to get him “to ‘remember’ a meeting with Russians in Italy that Corsi was adamant never happened.”
  • Stephen Moore is no longer listed on the scheduled speakers for the American Priority Conference in Washington, D.C., next week after our reporting on the conference’s prior booking of QAnon conspiracy theorists.
  • It seems that Dave Daubenmire is beginning to sour on President Trump: “Like so many of you I have waited patiently for 2 years for the hammer to drop. I have followed Q Anon and all of the ‘insiders’ dropping breadcrumbs as to what was really going on behind the scenes. Trust sessions…trust Q…trust the plan. Well, I have trusted them all and it is now time for the President to crap or get off of the pot.”
  • A group of right-wing anti-LGBTQ and ex-gay activists will be hosting a “God’s Voice” conference in response to the LGBTQ-friendly “Revoice” conference held earlier this year.
  • In the Proud Boys’ newly distributed set of bylaws, they failed to properly redact their new leadership.
  • Finally, Lance Wallnau declares that “CNN does more to rape the reputation of the United States and destroy our influence as a democracy than any other organization in media history. They are the enemy of more than the people, they are the first phase of the emerging ‘False Prophet’ of Revelations.”