Right Wing Bonus Tracks: It’s a Major Award

  • Jennifer Hartline has a message for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “You advocate for evil, not justice. You cannot pervert the Catholic faith to support your betrayal. You call evil good, and you encourage others to do the same.”
  • David Lane remains outraged by Rep. Emanuel Cleaver humorously ending his opening prayer on the first day of Congress by saying, “Amen and A-woman,” fuming that Cleaver’s joke “illustrates perfectly how deep contemporary America has fallen down the rabbit hole of a disturbing state of mind resembling paganism. …How this must grieve the Lord God Jehovah.”
  • Mark Taylor is standing by his prophecy that Donald Trump would win the election because he claims to have a book full of prophecies that can’t come true until Trump serves a second term.
  • Mario Murillo says the “prophets” who said that Trump would win the election were right and that he “won by a landslide,” but then “lukewarm” Christians failed to “rally around Trump” and the prophecy failed.
  • Finally, the National Association of Rural Landowners has “created not only a special Medal of Freedom for Donald Trump, but a framed certificate to go along with the medal” in recognition of “his many accomplishments for America and the American people.”