Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Is Your Pastor a CIA Agent?

  • Mat Staver declares that pro-choice and pro-LGBTQ political agendas are driven by a “worldview that is fueled by darkness and from the very pits of hell.”
  • Andrew Wommack says that “what people are calling political correctness today is what the Bible called the spirit of Antichrist.”
  • Mark Taylor claims that “the CIA infiltrated the seminaries back in the 50s” and now “you have CIA agents in the pulpit claiming to be pastors.”
  • David Barton asserts the Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment to ensure that “whatever the government had, the private individual was allowed to have.” I want a Stealth Bomber.
  • Finally, Chris McDonald, who has repeatedly used his show to baselessly smear as pedophiles those with whom he disagrees politically, is fed up with those who spread false accusations in order to damage people’s reputations. Really?