Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Intellect That’s ‘A Mile Wide And An Inch Deep’

  • On Breitbart, Stephen Guschov from ProEnglish, a group that seeks to make English the national language, said he’s met with the White House five times about repealing accommodations for non-English speakers at polling places, public hospitals and schools: “We don’t want to see America become a new Tower of Babylon.”
  • Columnist Kevin Williamson, who was fired from The Atlantic amid revelations that he repeatedly stated that women who seek abortions should be hung, writes in The Wall Street Journal today: “Whatever you think of my views on this issue, I’d suggest that they’re more interesting than hearing someone repeat the same shopworn talking points on capital punishment for the thousandth time. The editors of the Atlantic thought so, too, until the mob started doing their thinking for them.”
  • National Policy Institute president and notorious white nationalist Richard Spencer writes that focusing on anti-war advocacy would be “a major opportunity for the Alt-Right to expose the divisions within the American conservative movement. After all, it’s in the area of foreign policy—not race—where you can find the real beginnings of the ‘Alt Right’—and the real sacrifices of people who were expelled for questioning the party line.”
  • Sheriff David Clarke denounces conspiracy theorist “journalist” Laura Loomer: “People need to stop encouraging this self promoting tin foil hat wearing carnival barker aka Looney Loomer … Count on her to show up EVERYWHERE looking for attention. Her intellectual knowledge on issues is a mile wide and an inch deep.”
  • Alex Jones told listeners today that he is fed up with the media bringing up his role in pushing the “Pizzagate” hoax: “They won’t drop it, just like Sandy Hook. They won’t leave it alone.”