Right Wing Bonus Tracks: In Trump We Trust

  • Josh Bernstein wants President Donald Trump to launch military strikes on infectious disease research facilities in China.
  • We can now add Buzz Patterson to the list of QAnon-loving Republican congressional candidates running in 2020.
  • Glenn Beck says the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus is “child’s play” and that America is really fighting against socialism.
  • Mark Taylor has a question: “If Bill Gates can’t protect your computer from a virus, what makes people think he can through a nefarious corrupted vaccine?”
  • Rodney Howard-Browne warns that vaccines will kill more people than all the viruses put together … and you can trust him because he says that he has studied it.
  • Sandy Rios thinks that Dr. Anthony Fauci is limited in his perspective by his “narrow medical interests” and hopes that President Donald Trump will sour on him.
  • Finally, nobody loves Trump like Wayne Allyn Root loves Trump: “We still have faith in America and capitalism. We know God is still by our side. We still have faith in our G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) President Donald J Trump. In Trump we trust. In America we trust. In God we trust.”