Right Wing Bonus Tracks: In Denial About Trump

  • Republican Rep. Jeff Flake says that the GOP is in denial about the damage that President Trump is doing to our system of government and its institutions.
  • Mychal Massie says that Republicans who won’t support Trump’s agenda are sociopaths: “True sociopaths aren’t ashamed of their actions, and that’s what we witness from today’s Republicans. They are pernicious sociopathic liars who will say and do whatever they deem necessary to get elected and/or re-elected. Once in office, they glibly display a giant middle finger to We the People.”
  • Frank Gaffney declares that David Barton represents “an exemplar of what academic training should be like.”
  • Dinesh D’Souza says that left-wing resistance to Trump and his agenda is “spiritual warfare” and conservatives must fight back: “I urge people to see themselves as sort of ‘dangerous Americans,’ because we’re living in a kind of abnormal time in which we are called up on to do more, both in the spiritual sense as well as in just the normal political sense.”
  • Finally, Shane Idleman says that Christians who “[post] our favorite beer brands and wines on Facebook” are laughing in the face of God.