Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Impeach Hillary Clinton

  • Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman declares that “Sen. Mitch McConnell heavily contributed to [Roy] Moore’s defeat, and because that led to giving a seat away to a pro-abortion Democrat, he should resign immediately.”
  • Liberty Counsel warns that “repressive forces have always had the same goal—to first secularize and then to eliminate Christmas.”
  • BarbWire’s Chris Mills says that “since we no longer have an alleged Muslim in the White House, maybe red-blooded, God-fearing Americans will be emboldened” to celebrate Christmas.
  • Franklin Graham throws his support behind Kim Davis: “Pray for Kim Davis as her stand for her religious convictions put her back into the news again. I urge Christians across the nation to run for office at every level—local, state, and Federal. We can make a difference if we stand boldly on the side of the Word of God.”
  • Finally, Eugene Delgaudio asserts that “Hillary Clinton is not Sectretary of state but Congress can impeach her.”