Right Wing Bonus Tracks: I’m a Racist? You’re a Pedophile!

  • John Zmirak says that if a liberal calls a conservative a “racist,” the conservative should respond by calling the liberal a “pedophile” because “they’re a whole lot closer to being actual pedophiles than we are to being racists.”
  • Rick Wiles predicts that he’ll soon have to go into hiding to avoid the mass slaughter of Christians that he is convinced will soon happen in America.
  • Dave Daubenmire thinks that Christian right-wing activists should start filing frivolous lawsuits simply to force their enemies to spend thousands of dollars on legal fees.
  • It looks like the love affair between President Trump and Fox News might be starting to sour.
  • David Lane complains that “the ‘sexualization’ of the culture by public education, academia, newsrooms, sports, the courts, Fortune 500, Big Business, medicine and Hollywood over the last century has largely ‘effeminized’ American culture.”
  • Finally, Trump 2020 campaign adviser Tana Goertz declares that Trump is “so intelligent it would make your brain blow up if you even knew how smart this man was.”