Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Illuminati Wizard

  • Tom Gilson declares that “Black Lives Matter is a modern Blood Letting Movement, only more horrific.”
  • Brenden Dilley announces that he won’t be friends with liberals because he doesn’t “want to catch whatever the fuck it is that you’ve got that made you that stupid.”
  • Josh Bernstein wants us to know that we are “a bunch of demon-rats” and “possessed by evil Satanic demons.”
  • Jan Markell worries that the recent Middle East peace deals may be “heralding the soon return of the Lord”: “In Ezekiel 38, the context is Israel in the last days will be dwelling securely, peacefully, with no walls, no borders. But unfortunately, that’s when the Antichrist takes advantage of her.”
  • Finally, Sheila Zilinsky exposes professional basketball star LeBron James as an “Illuminati wizard” who is “conjuring up demons before every game” by tossing chalk into the air.