Right Wing Bonus Tracks: If Trump Says It, It’s Not a Conspiracy Theory

  • DeAnna Lorraine says that President Donald Trump’s repeated assertions that MSNBC host Joe Scarborough had something to do with the 2001 death of a woman who worked in his congressional office must be true because “we know that usually when Trump says something … it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s typically true.”
  • Janet Porter announces her support for Rep. Steve King, who is facing a serious challenge in the Iowa Republican primary because of his track record of making racist remarks.
  • Stephen Strang declares that “Trump is providing good leadership through this [COVID-19 pandemic], which is one more reason we must return him to office. I’ve written several books about Donald Trump because I believe we are at a critical juncture in the life of our country, and I believe God has raised up this incredible leader for such a time as this.”
  • Sara Walton Brady, who was arrested last month for defying stay-at-home orders in Idaho last month, appeared on Dave Daubenmire’s program this morning.
  • Josh Bernstein tells those who live in areas where masks are required as part of the effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 to take their masks off and “cut a hole in the middle of it.”
  • Finally, Chris McDonald thinks that “the Founding Fathers would be dumping boxes of face masks in Boston Harbor by now.”