Right Wing Bonus Tracks: If Hitler Had A Daughter

  • The TruNews YouTube account was terminated today and Rick Wiles is not handling it well: “‘There’s freedom running through my veins. My ancestors were not silenced, and I won’t be silenced by YouTube’s New Nazis. Every generation has its tyrants. We have tech tyrants,’ stated Mr. Wiles. Pastor Wiles fears America is on the verge of a French Revolution-style upheaval during which leftist mobs will try to execute Christians and conservatives to purge ‘Old America’ speech and thoughts from our society. ‘France is an atheistic, socialist nation today because it never recovered from the French Revolution that started in 1789. The Jacobins decapitated Catholic priests and burned churches over a period of 10 years. Likewise, the communists who overthrew Russia in 1917 slaughtered 300,000 Russian Orthodox Church priests. Don’t tell me it can’t happen here,’ Wiles remarked.”
  • Dean Garrison of the Sons of Liberty can declare “with 99.9% certainty, that [the Parkland] shooting was a false flag event designed to further destroy the 2nd amendment.”
  • Sheila Zilinsky says that “mindless little minion” David Hogg is what you’d get “if Hitler had a daughter.”
  • Unable to defend his attack on Hogg or his effort to cover it up, Josh Bernstein has been reduced to attacking us for exposing it.
  • The American Family Association’s Fred Jackson complains that “the other side feels very comfortable” mocking Christianity and says that he is afraid that the world won’t even miss “true Biblical Christians” when the Rapture comes.
  • Finally, Larry Nevenhoven tells Christians to quit whining about President Trump’s sins because God was well aware of them and still chose him to be president: “Do you believe God, the Creator of the Universe and the Omniscient One, failed to see President Trump’s sins 12 years ago or five years ago or even one year ago? Our God knows when a little sparrow dies and even numbers the hairs on people’s heads. Nothing escapes His eyes.”