Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Ideological Child Abuse

  • Allen West says that this weekend’s “March For Our Lives” is “another case of ideological child abuse.”
  • Kurt Schlichter declares that “getting under our opponents’ collective collectivist skin is more than just an enjoyable way to pass the time. It performs vital functions for the movement both by exposing our enemy for what it is, and for supporting our own side’s morale.”
  • Wayne Allyn Root wants you to know he considers himself to be a Dreamer: “Liberals talk all day about dreamers. I’m a dreamer too. Actually, I’m a California dreamer. My dream is to help California secede.”
  • Gary Bauer believes that “there was an ongoing plot – [and] there continues to be an ongoing effort – deep in a number of our intelligence agencies to paralyze the Trump administration, destroy people who are part of the administration, and essentially reverse the results of the 2016 presidential election.”
  • Finally, Liberty Counsel announced that it can no longer support the First Amendment Defense Act: “The language of Sen. Lee’s revised First Amendment Defense Act will provide a weapon to those who want to press same-sex ‘marriage’ and the LGBT agenda throughout the federal law. The original version was meant to protect people from being forced to participate in same-sex ceremonies or be discriminated against for their view of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The revised version of FADA changes the meaning and will do more harm than good. It is a Trojan horse that we cannot support.”