Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Hush Your Mouth

  • James Dobson urges parents to get their children “out of a godless educational setting quickly, before more spiritual and emotional damage could be done” and “think long and hard before sending my graduates to a godless university.”
  • David Lane declares that “America currently lives in a state of perpetual gaslighting.”
  • Roger Stone proudly proclaims that he “believes in the prophecies of Robin Bullock.”
  • GOP congressional candidate Heidi St. John says that abortion is an issue that must be left to the states and therefore any federal effort to ban abortion would be unconstitutional.
  • Finally, Patrick Howley tells liberal women who are upset about Roe v. Wade being overturned that their concerns are “trivial”: “You’re gonna hush your mouth. I hear a lot of ‘waah, waah, waah,’ not a lot of churning butter. … We’ve heard enough from you.”